The visibility to drive quality, security, and delivery.

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our value.

Measurement, collection, analysis and reporting.

QualityWatcher, the first Enterprise Continuous Delivery platform to aggregate key Development, Quality, Ops, and Security information into cohesive, actionable views of your applications’ risks, viability, and compliance.

our users.

Executives / Managers

Get nearly real-time visibility to drive application releasability, security compliance, and accountability while eliminating the ongoing preparation costs of project status meetings.

Security Specialists

Organize the arduous process of security compliance with an easy way to assign and track rule compliance, while providing management with a measurable view of risks and compliance status.

Developers / QA

With the integration of Dev, QA, and Ops metrics, teams get a true DevOps view of application quality, security, and delivery which fosters team collaboration, visibility, and faster feedback loops.

Some cool things about the value this product provides!

our features.

Quality Dashboard

Gain a measurable understanding of the quality and progress of your application through a DevOps integrated view.


Integrate your defect management system to view the status and severity of quality through defects.

Test Execution

Track the automated test case creation and execution progress over time to identify solutions for continuous improvement.


Integrate test results to provide a view quality from the security perspective.

Customer Issues

Integrate with your CRM to view quality from the customer perspective.

Code Coverage

Track the code coverage of unit and functional automated tests of your applications to ensure completeness of test strategies.

Test Cases

Integrate your test case management system or use google sheets to view test cases and report on manual test case distribution and execution.


Integrates performance test results to provide a view quality from the performance perspective.

our integrations.

Moving agile development from story velocity to delivered value.

how it works

Step 1

 Our integration engineers collect a list of your DevOps tools for CI, building, testing, security analysis, defect tracking, application monitoring, and Tech Support issues.

Step 2

 Our team provides a DevOps assessment rating (baseline measurement) that will be used for tracking the progress of Continuous Delivery Goals

Step 3

Our team creates integrations with your DevOps tools and the QualityWatcher platform.

Step 4

 Our team provides a simplified dashboard of powerful analytics to track and drive the continuous improvement of your applications’ quality, security, and delivery

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